Welded Pipe


Welded Pipe

Welded steel pipe is one pipe the surface has the steel pipe joint,which is use the steel belt or steel plate material through the bending deformation into round ,square ect then welded into shape. … Furnace pipe welding pipe can be used for water gas pipe, etc

What is the difference between seamless pipe and welded pipe?

Seamless steel pipe is extruded and drawn from a billet whereas a welded pipe is produced from a strip that is roll formed and welded to produce a tube. Since a Seamless steel pipe offers a higher range of safety measures it is more expensive than a welded tube

How is welded pipe made?

They are produced mainly by two distinct manufacturing methods which result in either a welded pipe or seamless pipe. … It is then made into a pipe by stretching the hot steel billet out into a seamless pipe or forcing the edges of flat steel strip together and sealing them with a weld