Rectangular Tube


Steel Rectangular Tube

Steel rectangular tubing is a strong, resilient, tough and durable construction material option that can be used for a nearly endless amount of applications. The close tolerances, dense structure and good finishing abilities allow rectangular steel tubing to be utilized either statically or dynamically. Rectangular structural steel tubing can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and an array of changing climate disparities, while being used in both industrial and domestic settings.

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What is rectangular tubing?

Rectangular TubeRectangular tubes are formed from coils and then ran through a series of dies. They are are welded from the inside to form their shape. … Rectangular Tube is commonly available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel.

How is rectangular tubing measured?

Unlike pipe which is measured by inner diameter and its “schedule”, tube is measured by its Outer Diameter (OD) and the Wall Thickness (WT). A tube measurement might also include the term “Average Wall Thickness”. This would be the average of the wall thickness measured on the tube