Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron


Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron

Protect against corrosion and pick your color with prepaint steel sheet and coil products from Alliance SteelPrepaint steel is a bare metal substrate or corrosion resistant substrate that has had paint applied to both sides through a continuous coil coating process, which produces a uniform paint finish

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What is difference between PPGI and PPGL?

The primary difference between the two types of steel is in the coating applied to each variant. PPGI or pre-painted galvanized iron steel is evenly covered with a layer of zinc. … PPGL or pre-painted galvalume steel, on the other hand, is coated with a mix of aluminum, zinc and other trace elements

What does pre painted mean?

According to EN 13523-0, a prepainted metal is a ‘metal on which a coating material (e.g. paint, film…) has been applied by coil coating’. When applied onto the metallic substrate, the coating material (in liquid, in paste or powder form) forms a film possessing protective, decorative and/or other specific properties